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Our impactful workshops can launch your leaders, solidify your teams, create a more cohesive and communicative culture, and contribute to the overall success of your organization.

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Every workshop we deliver begins with your goals in mind. Our clients have seen improved performance, greater employee retention, more effective leaders and teams, reduced conflict and stress, and a more positive company culture as a result of our customized workshops.

Our team of professional facilitators is experienced in delivering highly interactive, engaging, and enjoyable experiences. We expertly navigate group dynamics and facilitate conversations that lead to powerful a-ha moments.  

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Our Most Popular Worshops

Develop Highly Effective Teams

Teams are the key to every organization’s success. When teams work well together, the organization thrives, but building effective teams isn’t always simple. With the help of our experienced consultants, your teams can reach their full potential. We know each team is unique, which is why we offer a variety of workshops to meet your team’s specific needs.

Whether you need to improve communication and teamwork or increase engagement and productivity, there is a workshop that will develop your team and help you achieve your goals.

Popular Workshops:

Developing More Cohesive Teams
Improving Team Dynamics
Building A Better Workplace
Elevating Team Performance
Enhancing Communication & Collaboration
Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
Strengthening Healthcare Teams
Identifying & Developing Team Talent

Invest In Leadership

It is more important than ever to provide today’s leaders with the competencies they need to navigate the complexities of both business and behavior.

Through incredible training workshops and individualized coaching programs brought to you by our team of experts in leadership development, your leaders can become increasingly effective and successful, benefiting not only themselves and their teams but the organization as a whole.

Harness The Power Of Conflict

Conflict has the power to make or break teams, partnerships, and entire organizations. With our help, you and your organization can learn to harness the power of conflict so its impact is productive not destructive.

We will equip you and your people with conflict management skills that will shape the way you approach conflict for effective communication and a healthier workplace environment.

Popular Workshops:

Improving Conflict Management
Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Communication
Understanding Interpersonal Needs
Resolving Conflict Positively
Managing Conflict Productively

Cultivate Cultural Awareness

When companies embrace and value diversity, they reap the rewards of creativity and innovation, a strong company culture, improved employee performance, and more. Diversity isn’t the same as inclusivity, though. Inclusivity is about creating an environment that welcomes and includes each employee.


Building Inclusivity in the Workplace

In order to cultivate a stronger workplace, inclusive of diverse backgrounds and personalities, managing bias is essential. In this workshop, we employ Cultural Intelligence to help build individual and organizational resilience to bias. Participants will learn how to manage bias by identifying triggers that activate biased thoughts and developing strategies to prevent the application of the bias.

Workshop Objective

The goal of this workshop is to increase motivation to reduce the impact of unconscious bias, to learn about the benefits of managing bias and creating inclusion, and to explore the four domains of cultural intelligence.

Who is it for
This workshop is ideal for individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to become more culturally intelligent and manage bias across small and large businesses.

How does it work
Participants will complete the Cultural Values Profile and/or the CQ Pro Feedback Report before attending the workshop. During the workshop, we will engage in multiple modules ranging from unpacking unconscious bias and applying CQ to bias to personal development planning.

Individuals and organizations will better embrace different cultures and viewpoints, driving innovation and improving decision-making. These improvements can lead to increases in staff productivity and retention, oftentimes ushering in higher profitability.

We use the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework, which includes the Cultural Values Profile and the CQ Pro Feedback Report to identify and address bias.

Program Structure
Programs are customized to meet each organization’s needs. Each program features 6-7 specified modules and ranges from 90-minutes to 6.5 hours.

Each participant will come to the workshop with one unconscious bias problem or challenge their organization is facing today.
Participants will fill out a Cultural Identity PDF

With the help of the Cooper Consulting Group team, you can take the next step in successfully supporting a diverse workforce. We will equip your people to effectively manage bias and create inclusion to become a more culturally aware and thus stronger organization.

Cultivate A Customer-Centered Attitude

The key to success and growth for any organization is the quality of its service. We know that the cost of gaining a new customer is six to seven times higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer, so delivering exceptional service is not only a smart investment but an essential one.

When you invest in cultivating a customer-centered attitude in your organization, you will experience greater success.

Popular Workshops:

Building a Service-Minded Culture
Emotional Intelligence for Customer Service

Take A Proactive Approach To Change

Every organization, large or small, experiences change at one point or another. Approach the inevitable with care by equipping your leaders, teams, and employees with the skills they need to manage change effectively. Offered by Cooper Consulting Group, these personalized workshops can provide your people with the tools to become flexible and resilient, lessening the negative impact of change on your organization.


Train Highly Effective Salespeople

Investing in your sales team sets the foundation for increased success for the entire organization. Our expert coaches will train your salespeople to be highly effective and our copyrighted sales process will transform the way they sell. Whether you want to focus on your own sales skills or implement a sales process for your team, there’s an experience that’s right for you.

Popular Workshops:

Improving Customer Interactions
Developing Emotional Intelligence for Salespeople
Coaching Sales Professionals
Implementing Effective Sales Strategy

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Our team is highly-trained and highly educated, decorated with doctorate degrees and professional certifications that qualify them to assist your organization.

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