The Cooper Consulting Group Difference

Who We Are

At Cooper Consulting Group, we aim to inspire and develop the authentic leader within each person. In doing so, we help leaders and teams achieve their true potential and organizations build better working environments. We identify gaps, provide feedback, and equip our clients with strategic plans to address specific needs and achieve results.

What We Offer

Whether you are an organization or an individual, we offer consulting, training, and coaching services, as well as keynotes, workshops, and assessments to address your blind spots and help you meet your goals. By conducting a thorough diagnostic of your organization, we can facilitate the right assessments and workshop for you and implement a targeted plan to improve collaboration, productivity, inclusivity, and more to create a more successful workplace overall. 

How We Make An Impact

We strive to inspire learning and leadership development in others so they can leave a powerful legacy behind. Through our workshops and services, we aim to leave organizations better than we found them with increased self-awareness that leads to better communication, efficiency, productivity, team cohesiveness, and more. We believe that professional development begins with personal development. By focusing on the person, we help our clients achieve their goals and reach their highest potential, and we can do the same for you. 

What sets Cooper Consulting Group

apart from the competition?

Only at Cooper Consulting Group

  • We invest in world-class assessments and high-quality materials.
  • We engage participants through highly interactive and customized workshops. 
  • Our team is highly-trained and highly-educated, decorated with doctorate degrees.
  • We have over a decade of experience delivering lasting results. 

Other Consulting Groups

  • Offer fewer tools relevant to individual organization needs.
  • Use standard training protocols for every organization.
  • Don’t require extensive training or graduate degrees in related fields. 
  • Lack a proven track-record of success. 

The History Behind Cooper Consulting Group

We have been dedicated to providing value to our clients and helping them achieve their goals for the past decade. We are the preferred training vendor for organizations across various sectors and industries and continue to grow our impactful reach. Some of the industries we’ve served include healthcare, entertainment, construction, financial services, and over 200 local, state & federal government agencies.

Our Purpose

To Inspire Learning and Leadership Development by helping leaders and teams be their best.

Our Mission

Using a portfolio of unique workshops, we aim to inspire and develop the authentic leader within each person. We strive to create an amazing experience with our clients to be viewed as best-in-class training, coaching and consulting.

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Explore our workshops to discover the leadership development tools that are right for you or your organization and get one step closer to achieving your goals.