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At Cooper Consulting Group, we strive to inspire learning and leadership development in others so they can leave a powerful legacy behind. Through our workshops and services, we aim to leave organizations better than we found them with increased self-awareness that leads to better communication, efficiency, productivity, team cohesiveness, and more.

We believe that professional development begins with personal development. By focusing on the person, we help our clients achieve their goals and reach their highest potential, and we can do the same for you. 

The Cooper Consulting Group Difference

Our Team

The Cooper Consulting Group team has over 45 years of combined experience in leading training and development programs.  In addition, our team is highly-trained and highly-educated, decorated with numerous certifications and doctorate degrees. Some of those certifications are:

Dr. Christie Cooper

Christie has always had a passion to inspire learning in others. She has spent her career developing high-performing sales teams as a sales manager and trainer at one of the largest privately-held firms in the US, where she was part of an award-winning training department.

Bob Fuhs

Bob’s energy, coupled with his passion for effective learning makes his workshops highly engaging and meaningful. Bob’s previous work, serving as a consultant and facilitator with Personal Strengths Publishing and as a lecturer at Azusa Pacific University, prepared him for success in the field of professional business training and development.

Dr. Esther Attebery

Dr. Esther Attebery is an experienced leader and professional. She holds a doctorate in organizational leadership and has over 25 years of leadership and supervisory experience. Dr. Attebery is professionally certified as a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner (MBTI) and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as an ACC Coach. She has also taught university business and leadership courses.

Howard Cooper

Howard has spent his life serving his community protecting and defending the public. Howard’s charismatic personality captivates everyone he meets. He is an expert in making connections with others and at Cooper Consulting Group he is our best cheerleader! His organization and meticulous attention to detail keeps our team on track.

Michelle Cabell, M.S.

Michelle is an experienced executive leader with a passion for influencing women leaders of leaders and aspiring, advancing leaders to realize limitless potential and maximize their leadership impact on their world. Certified DISC Trainer, Life Coach & ICF Board Certified Coach ACC

Stephen Lorenz

Stephen has a passion to understand the world through other’s eyes, and then work with them to craft their best future. After graduating from the US Naval Academy, he led teams as a military officer. After leaving the Navy, he achieved an M.S. in Applied Psychology through USC.

Kayla Schneller

Kayla is passionate about serving others. She has a deep expertise in Learning & Development, Talent Management, Manager Enablement, and Leadership Development.

Stephanie Beals

Stephanie’s passion is growing and developing people’s characters and careers. Her expertise is in facilitating leadership and management programs, sometimes to thousands of participants. She delivers engaging training courses, both in-person and virtually, where her enthusiasm for learning is highly contagious.

Lauren Cooper

Lauren models care and compassion in all aspects of her life and connects with others in an authentic manner that draws them to her. Lauren defines her “why” as being able to inspire a smile in others so that they can enjoy each day of their life to the fullest.

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Case Studies: We Are Results-Oriented

See how our services have shaped organizations like your own with both immediate and lasting results and be inspired to take the next step for you or your team.




Our team facilitated a personalized Myers-Briggs® workshop for a fast-paced digital marketing agency with a young team in order to improve internal communication and client relations, with a positive side-effect of increasing self-awareness and communication.

A full-service digital marketing agency in downtown San Diego had a lot of people working together in an open-office environment. This required a great deal of internal communication to be effective with clients and each other, but communication was lacking and that was becoming increasingly frustrating for team members. The owners knew that in order to improve as a company, the communication would need to improve as well.

A full-service digital marketing agency in downtown San Diego had a lot of people working together in an open-office environment. This required a great deal of internal communication to be effective with clients and each other, but communication was lacking and that was becoming increasingly frustrating for team members. The owners knew that in order to improve as a company, the communication would need to improve as well.

The organization reported a sense of calmness and understanding when working with clients, which results in less frustration on behalf of internal and external teams. As the owner stated, “Everybody realized how impactful and powerful this could be for their other personal relationships as well. I certainly think people being happier at home makes them happier at work, so there’s that intangible benefit.”
"We've got 10 times back our investment from everything we've done with Christie. She's definitely exceeded our expectations."
Eric Berman
"She did a really great job at just matching the vibe of our culture and finding examples that were relevant to the team."
Allyson Spencer
Office Manager

MMS / Calmed Hawaii


Our team assessed a family-owned business, analyzed its teams, coached its executives, and introduced new sales tracking tools to improve teamwork and communication and coach leadership, which led to a dramatic increase in productivity and sales.

A 20-year old family-owned business who provides medical supplies to active-duty soldiers was looking to improve communication within their team. They found that their communication was going in the wrong direction as they expanded, and were also looking for ways to be more profitable and efficient. Additionally, the owners wanted to promote their daughter to assume responsibility for the company.

First, an organizational assessment was conducted. Utilizing a DiSC® program, the team was able to understand their unique communication style and preferences, as well as their strengths and opportunities for development. Next, an analysis of the sales and operations teams was conducted including one-on-one interviews with all team members. Lastly, executive coaching was used with high-level directors and executives.

SalesForce (SFDC) was integrated into the organization and introduced to the sales team, which allowed them to report and measure KPIs. The Sales Director could finally see who the team was calling and the amount of forecasted sales in their pipeline. Sales immediately grew by 14%. A product was also identified that the organization had not been pursuing. This single item now accounts for over $75K in sales every month.

Christie is always introducing new communication ideas and improving how we treat each other as managers, so this is working out and absolutely going in the right direction.
Sales Manager
I can already see the difference between that team last year versus how we are interacting this year. This is working out and absolutely going in the right direction.
David Scheidt



Our team conducted highly engaging and useful workshops with executive leadership at a nationwide emergency medical solutions group to achieve a smoother operation, better communication, and stop potential problems before they started. 

Brault provides practice management, coding, and revenue cycle solutions for emergency medicine groups throughout the country. They had expanded and taken on a lot more business. As the organization scaled up and grew, it became apparent that there were opportunities for the team to be even more efficient and cohesive, so they wanted to engage a consultant who could provide an outside perspective.

Several team workshops were conducted with the executive leadership team at Brault. A session was held on high-performing teams, change management, and crucial conversations. Prior to the session, one-on-one interviews were conducted with each member of the leadership team to understand the nuances of the team.

The team has seen overall improved relationships and the organization runs more smoothly. Additionally, there is better communication internally and externally at points the management wasn’t aware there were potential problems to begin with.

The organization runs smoother. There's better communication internally and externally where we didn't know there were problems to begin with.
Dr. Jason Adler
Physician Executive
Christie was totally on top of it from the second she walked in the room. The doors for trust and improved communication have been opened up for this team.
Brault Employee

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