Increasing Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

Through this workshop, we will encourage leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how they impact their effectiveness. With the help of the highly-engaging and real-world applicable Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® program, we will generate powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action, focusing on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes.

Workshop Objective
This workshop will create stronger leaders through the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution outlined in Work of Leaders. We will guide leaders to craft a vision through exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions, build alignment through clarity, dialog, and inspiration, and champion execution, through momentum, structure, and feedback.

Who is it for
This workshop is excellent for executive retreats and meetings or simply for leaders who want to calibrate new goals. Leaders, executives, C-suite leaders, and executive leadership teams will all benefit from the program.

How does it work
Each participant will complete a 15-minute assessment prior to the workshop. During the session, we will explain and build upon the results provided in the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® profile and provide tips and strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.


  • Discover leadership style
  • Gain tips and strategies to improve leadership effectiveness
  • Understand team strengths and areas of opportunity

We use the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders classroom training program, which uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.

Program Structure
This workshop takes place over the course of a one-time 6-hour session.

Tools for Continued Learning
Participants will walk away with the Everything DiSC Group Report, Team View, and Comparison Reports. These tools provide an at-a-glance view of group Everything DiSC maps, allow you to compare similarities and differences among coworkers, and help you determine and explore a group’s DiSC culture.

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