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Experience The Power Of Our Workshops

Our impactful workshops can launch your leaders, solidify your teams, create a more cohesive and communicative culture, and contribute to the overall success of your organization.

We offer a variety of workshops to meet you and your organization’s unique needs. While the outcomes will vary from workshop to workshop, you can expect improved performance, greater employee retention, more effective leaders and teams, reduced conflict and stress, and a more positive company culture, to name a few.

Our team of professional facilitators is experienced in delivering highly interactive, engaging, and enjoyable experiences. We expertly navigate group dynamics and facilitate conversation to achieve ground-breaking moments that result in lasting change. When you commit a day or even just a few hours to this immersive experience, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Our Difference

Here at Cooper Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on the incredible tools, talent, and experience we bring to the table. Our reputation is best-in-class for delivering exceptional services to our clients, and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.

Impactful Tools

We invest in world-class assessments and high-quality materials to provide significant insight and maximize results.

Meaningful Experience

We engage through highly interactive and customized workshops that uncover “aha” moments leading to lasting change.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team is highly-trained and highly educated, decorated with doctorate degrees and professional certifications that qualify them to assist your organization.

Find Your Solution

What is it you or your organization needs to become more successful? Whether you are undergoing a change or experiencing high employee turnover, want to nurture and develop your top talent or improve the effectiveness of your salespeople, we can provide the solution you need to take your business to the next level.

Team Development

Build highly effective teams through a focus on improving communication and teamwork or increasing engagement and productivity.


– Developing More Cohesive Teams- Improving Team Dynamics- Building A Better Workplace- Elevating Team Performance- Enhancing Communication & Collaboration- Cultivating Emotional Intelligence- Strengthening Healthcare Teams- Identifying & Developing Team Talent

Conflict Mangement

Learn to harness the power of conflict so its impact is productive not destructive.


– Improving Conflict Management- Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Communication- Understanding Interpersonal Needs- Resolving Conflict Positively- Managing Conflict Productively

Cultural Awareness

Equip your people to effectively manage bias and create inclusion to become a more culturally aware and thus stronger organization.


– Building Inclusivity in the Workplace

Change Management

Provide your people with the tools to become flexible and resilient, lessening the negative impact of change on your organization.


– Managing the Change Response- Building Resiliency- Transitioning to Remote Work

Sales Training

We’ll train your salespeople to be highly effective and transform the way they sell with our copyrighted process.


– Improving Customer Interactions – Developing Emotional Intelligence for Salespeople – Coaching Sales Professionals- Implementing Effective Sales Strategy

Customer Service

Learn to cultivate a customer-centered attitude across your organization to experience greater success.


– Building a Service-Minded Culture- Emotional Intelligence for Customer Service

Leadership Development

Provide leaders with the competencies they need to navigate the complexities of both business and behavior and become increasingly successful.


– Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders – Improving Decision Making – Improving Team Dynamics – Uncovering Leadership Potential- Understanding Interpersonal Needs – Training Inspiring Leaders – Inspiring Motivating Managers  – Increasing Leadership Effectiveness – Receiving Critical Feedback – Coaching for Leaders- Developing Effective Leaders – Targeting Personal Development – Investing in Executives – Identifying and Developing Individual Talent- Cultivating a Culture of Leadership – Developing Stronger Leaders

Strategic Recruiting

Learn to implement Job Benchmarking to attract the best candidates and hire the right person for the job.


– Utilizing Job Benchmarks

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