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Cultivate A Customer-Centered Attitude

The key to success and growth for any organization is the quality of its service. We know that the cost of gaining a new customer is six to seven times higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer, so delivering exceptional service is not only a smart investment, but an essential one.


When you invest in cultivating a customer-centered attitude in your organization, you will experience greater success.

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Building a Service-Minded Culture 

Providing quality customer service can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, but can only be accomplished when employees have the knowledge and authority to resolve customer issues. Empower employees and establish a service-minded culture with this workshop.

Developing Emotional Intelligence for Customer Service 

Emotionally intelligent people are more self-aware and others-aware, making them more apt to effectively communicate, lead, and make decisions. These skills are critical to serving customers well and can be developed through this workshop.

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Building a Service-Minded Culture

Every company knows that great service is paramount to organization success, yet few have a proven plan to build a customer service culture that empowers employees to take ownership for driving improvements. This workshop will train participants in Legendary Service, which we define as consistently delivering ideal service that keeps customers coming back.

Workshop Objective:

We will provide your organization with a systematic approach that motivates and empowers employees and enables quality customer service to become your competitive edge.

Who is it for:

All employees who have internal customers will benefit from this workshop including customer service representatives, managers and supervisors, and executives.

How does it work:

We will implement Legendary Service in your organization with engaging participant materials, videos, and learning activities.


  • Define personal service visionIdentify customers’ needs and wants
  • Learn and practice skills for building customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Develop strategies to empower themselves and create an action plan


In this workshop, we use the Ken Blanchard Legendary Service® model, a proven formula to build a service-minded culture.

Program Structure:

This workshop can take place in one of two ways: as a one-day in-person workshop or as three 2-hour virtual sessions.

Additional Workshops:

In addition to Legendary Service, customer-facing employees may reap additional benefits from participating in a Building A Better Workplace Workshop and the Managing Conflict Productively Workshop.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence for Customer Service

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), unlike your IQ or personality, can be increased to leverage strengths across various soft skills. This workshop focuses on learning the importance of EQ and how improving one’s own level of emotional intelligence can positively impact customer relationships.

Workshop Objective:

The goal of this workshop is to help participants understand the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) theory and framework, gain greater self-awareness, and establish strategies for development to improve interactions with customers.

Who is it for:

Managers, individual contributors, and anyone with internal or external customers across any industry or organization will benefit from this workshop.

How does it work:

Participants complete a short 20-minute EQ assessment prior to the workshop. At the workshop, we will discuss the results, identify the best strategies for improvement, and create an action plan for success.


People who have higher EQ have seen increased communication skills, decreased stress, improved decision-making, increased leadership ability, improved well-being, and increased team performance.


This workshop builds on the Emotional intelligence framework, which includes an online behavioral assessment to determine an individual’s EQ score.

Program Structure:

This workshop is available in a variety of contexts. We offer both half and full day in-person sessions as well as virtual sessions, which are between 90-minutes and 3-hours in length.

Proven Satisfaction:

A variety of organizations have benefited from participating in this workshop from the FBI to FEMA. One participant says, “I am so glad that I carved time out to participate in this webinar. The speakers, virtual platform, interaction, stretches, and recommended reading were all great!” Amber – OPM Pittsburgh

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