What is the DISC Style S Personality

What is the DISC Style S Personality?

Can you think of someone in your workplace who is even-tempered and always a good team player? Or perhaps very accommodating to others’ needs? This person might be an S DISC Style, which represents Steadiness.

The DISC map’s S style falls within the cautious and reflective dimension. Let’s look at the characteristics of the S style and learn a few tips to working with them.

Characteristics of an S style personality

            One of the most prominent attributes of the S style is their sincerity towards the people they work with. They tend to exhibit cooperative and dependable behaviors. This comes from their people-oriented approach to work. They are likely to consider others’ thoughts and opinions before deciding on an action plan. They enjoy opportunities where they can be of service. Sometimes, this can be a drawback as they may become overly accommodating or say “yes” too easily. They typically appear calm, need some time to ponder, and will ask questions to get specific details.

            In group settings, the S style listens carefully to what’s being discussed. They may not express their opinions out loud in the moment, but they are willing to share if asked. S styles pride themselves on being dependable and reliable. You can count on them to produce consistent work.

People with the S style prioritize stability. They understand what works well for them, which may mean sticking to their familiar routines. They might be hesitant to change and see it as an uncomfortable challenge, especially if they are asked to adapt quickly. S styles will take a more cautious and systematic approach to completing a task. This can come off as too slow and indecisive to other DISC styles.

S styles value collaboration. They want others to feel included and appreciated. People with the S style dislike aggressive and dominant approaches. They will try to avoid conflict when possible and seek to find agreement with others. Ultimately, S styles want to ensure there is harmony in the workplace, putting themselves and others at ease.

What should one remember to do when working with S Personality Types?

When working with an S style, be sure to create an environment that feels safe to engage in open dialogue. Do not mistake their quietness for lack of interest. They might need a gentle nudge of encouragement when voicing their thoughts and boosting their self-confidence. Although they might be a little hesitant, call on them to share their opinions. They’ll appreciate the sincere effort to include them in the conversation.

Make a point to build rapport with a person with the S style. Since they value connection with others, they will feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts with you if they feel that they can trust you. They prefer a one-on-one setting when giving or receiving feedback. Be sure to give them enough time to think about the feedback before expecting adjustments to occur.

What are the possible areas of opportunities of the S DISC style?

            An important area of opportunity for the S style is building their self-confidence. Instead of waiting to be called on, S styles can work on volunteering to share their ideas first. This might be uncomfortable initially, but like all styles, personal development comes with effort and practice.

As natural people-pleasers, they might encounter situations where others take their kindness for granted. Setting boundaries, especially in the workplace, will help them manage their workload, maintain the stability that they value, and contribute to their overall well-being.

S styles could benefit from being more direct with their communication. Since they tend to avoid confrontation, they might miss out on opportunities to provide necessary feedback to others. Learning to be more assertive can help in these situations. This does not mean compromising their people-oriented approach. This is simply moving towards an area where S styles can speak more confidently and trust themselves when making decisions.

What is the ideal environment for the S DISC Styles?

With the relational nature of the S style, they desire a supportive, harmonious environment where people feel heard and valued. They like to do their part and work best when expectations are clear. As the “Steadiness” style, they like environments that move at a moderate pace. They might become frustrated if they are asked to move too quickly or when intensity arises.

What do S DISC Styles contribute to a team?

            People with the S style are both supportive and cooperative, making them great team players. Their diplomatic approach allows them to work well with other DISC styles. Their calm demeanor makes it easy for others to approach them, which helps with relationship-building in the workplace. S styles commit to their work and prioritize productivity. They pride themselves on being a dependable employee.

            S styles can be a good counterbalance to any spontaneity within a team. Since they are cautious and reflective, they can bring attention to any issues that might be overlooked. Remember, they might be hesitant to speak up about these issues initially, so be sure to ask them to weigh in before moving on.

How does Type S personality deal with stress?

            When S styles are dealing with stress or conflict, they tend to give in and compromise their opinions to restore harmony. By doing so, they avoid letting others know how they truly feel. If there is consistent tension, S styles won’t feel comfortable enough to share what they believe and may lose out on opportunities to contribute. Because they fear letting people down, they might take on more than they can. This can leave them to be overworked and add to their stressors in the workplace.

            People with the S style do necessarily adapt to change quickly. For them, shaking up their predictable environment means uncertainty. This can cause them to feel anxious, especially if there is a lack of clarity regarding the changes. They might delay decisions if they don’t feel confident enough to proceed with new demands.

Find your DISC style

            Remember, assessments are not meant to define you as a whole individual. They are meant to provide insight into people’s different preferences and behaviors in the workplace.

If you’re interested in taking the DISC assessment, please get in touch with Cooper Consulting Group at info@cooperconsultinggroup.com. From there, you can schedule a personalized workshop for you and your team with a certified facilitator who is trained in navigating these discussions.

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