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Understanding Korn Ferry 360

While some leaders may be born and others taught, all leaders need proper coaching and development to become extraordinary. Unlock the full potential and power of leaders with the assessment, Korn Ferry 360 (formerly known as VOICES® 360). With this tool, organizations can measure how a leader manages complexity and ambiguity, values differences, drives engagement and demonstrates courage. Based on the assessment results, organizations can learn how to better support and strengthen a leader’s path to becoming extraordinary.

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What is Korn Ferry 360?

Korn Ferry 360 is a world-class assessment tool that can be used to effectively analyze leadership. The tool takes both a competency-based and behavior-based approach to identify a leader’s strengths, opportunities for improvement, and potential development needs. It goes beyond just analyzing leaders and provides a prescriptive report detailing strategies for achieving excellence. 

Who’s Korn Ferry 360 for?

Offered by Cooper Consulting Group, Korn Ferry 360 is for leaders who want to be highly-effective and inspiring. Additionally, it is for organizations who want to build and develop their leadership in meaningful ways. This assessment allows organizations to effectively develop their leaders while addressing the importance of leadership development to the participants.

What does Korn Ferry 360 measure?

Korn Ferry 360 measures a person’s competencies in four key areas: Thought: how they understand the business and make decisions, Results: how they take initiative and execute, People: how they collaborate and influence, and Self: how they demonstrate self-awareness and authenticity. The tool also measures “stallers” and “stoppers”, which are considered harmful behaviors detrimental to leadership performance. 

What are the benefits of Korn Ferry 360?

The results of the Korn Ferry 360 assessment provide leaders with greater insight into their highest competencies or strengths, as well as areas of highest potential that could benefit from increased focus. With this insight, leaders can learn to better serve their teams, direct reports, and organizations. In parallel, organizations can better develop their leadership through improved teamwork and effective communication.

The Importance Of Korn Ferry 360

Investing in Executives

Go beyond the Korn Ferry 360 assessment and dive deep into the results with one-on-one coaching for high-achieving executives. 

Customizing the Path to Success

Take a specialized approach to leadership development that focuses on the right Korn Ferry tools for you. 

The Importance Of Korn Ferry 360 Defined

Investing in Executives

Executive leaders deserve executive-level coaching. Here, at Cooper Consulting Group, we are able to not only utilize the Korn Ferry 360 assessment tool and interpret its in-depth results, but also go beyond the report, developing areas in need of improvement and unblocking uncovered stallers and stoppers through one-one-one coaching sessions with our highly-trained team of professional coaches. These sessions can help leaders expand their skills, better utilize their strengths, and reach higher levels of performance that will benefit the entire organization.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Gained clarity on strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Uncovered blind spots and obtained strategies to reduce stallers and stoppers
  • Received personalized guidance based on Korn Ferry 360 report

Develop Extraordinary Leaders

Customizing the Path to Success

hen leaders are ready for the next step on the path to extraordinary, it’s time to take a custom approach. With a suite of products including Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™, Learning Agility®, and Interview Architect® we can guide leaders to execute on critical competencies uncovered in Korn Ferry 360.

A custom approach to leadership begins with discovering what you or your organization’s leaders need. When you book a discovery call with us, we’ll determine the right tools to take you to the next level.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Identified critical competencies for success across different jobs and levels
  • Developed a common language to assess, recruit, and develop talent
  • Implemented interview methods to identify the right talent for the job

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