Strengthening Healthcare Teams Workshop

The style of care a patient receives can have a profound impact on their satisfaction. Through this specialized workshop, we guide healthcare workers to discover how their personality type impacts the style of care they give. This awareness can expose participants to a range of other styles of care, and help them make small deliberate changes as necessary.

Workshop Objective
The goal of this workshop is to help healthcare teams increase the effectiveness of their communication with patients. Improving the quality of a patient’s care and overall hospital experience is critical to boosting HCAHPS® Hospital Survey rankings, leading to greater public trust, funding, and profitability.

Who is it for
This workshop is specially designed for healthcare professionals, medical administrative staff, nurses, and doctors.

How does it work
Each participant will complete the official MBTI assessment before the workshop. The confidential results will be brought to the session to be debriefed in a group setting.


  • Participants will explore their 4-letter MBTI type during a group debrief
  • Learn how to boost team effectiveness and engagement
  • Deliver personalized relationship-based care
  • Transform patients to promoters

We utilize The MBTI® Report for Healthcare Professionals, which provides Myers-Briggs® insights to help participants better understand the perspective, needs, and approach to the care required by individual patients.

Program Structure
This workshop takes place over the course of a 3 ½-hour session.

Tools for Continued Learning
The MBTI Application is a useful tool for continued learning that each participant will have access to.

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