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Understanding TriMetrix® DNA

Assessments are imperative to examine the performance of individuals. However, some assessments only measure one dimension of a person, which can lead to inaccurate assumptions of why they act or behave in a certain way on the job. By assessing individuals on three levels, TriMetrix® DNA provides a more complete picture of a person. Offered by Cooper Consulting Group, this tool’s integrated approach reveals an individual’s behaviors, motivators, and strengths to help them better understand themselves and others, allow recruiters to make better judgments, and give coaches the insight they need. 

What is TriMetrix DNA?

TriMetrix DNA is a powerful assessment that examines three key areas of performance. The approach uncovers how individuals prefer to behave and communicate, why they move into action, and which competencies they have mastered. The result is a fuller framework for people to build awareness of their strengths and opportunities for growth, and to craft action plans for professional development.

Who’s TriMetrix DNA for?

TriMetrix DNA is a versatile tool that is useful for both individuals and organizations. Individuals can use the assessments for personal development to become more effective and improve workplace relationships, and organizations can use the assessments for recruiting purposes, leadership development, and sales training. 

What does TriMetrix DNA measure?

TriMetrix DNA measures behaviors using the DiSC assessment, motivators using the Workplace Motivators assessment, and competencies using the TTI DNA® assessment and produces both individual results and powerful integrated reports.

What are the benefits of TriMetrix DNA?

TriMetrix DNA provides actionable insight into a person’s behaviors, motivators, and emotional intelligence. Organizations that utilize this three-dimensional approach see an increased hiring success rate and are better able to measure individual competencies for recruiting, coaching, and training processes. 

The Importance Of TriMetrix DNA

Utilizing Job Benchmarks

Job Benchmarking is a unique and effective solution to finding the right person for the job. Using TriMetrix DNA, we’ll implement a patented job benchmark process that can be used over and over again for continued success.

Cultivating Leadership Competencies

Anyone in a position of leadership who wants to sharpen their leadership skills will benefit from coaching sessions. Using TriMetrix DNA, we’ll increase leaders’ self-awareness to become more effective. 

Building Better Sales Teams

Coaching your sales teams can provide them with the real-time feedback they need to improve their selling style and increase sales. TriMetrix DNA will help identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. 

The Importance Of TriMetrix DNA Defined

Utilizing Job Benchmarks 

When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, it has a direct effect on the bottom line. With the right benchmark, you’ll not only attract the best candidates but also save time and money by hiring the right people the first time around. In our coaching sessions, we will break the job benchmarking process down into four key phases that can be replicated across all positions within the company. We will identify, prioritize, and calibrate performance criteria, allowing for exceptional job fit and leave a set of fully customized interview questions for the specified position(s).

Participant Takeaways:

  • Reduced learning curve for new employees
  • Defined key accountabilities for positions
  • Increased hiring efficiency

Hire the Right People for your Organization

Cultivating Leadership Competencies

We utilize TriMetrix DNA in one on one leadership coaching sessions to improve leaders’ effectiveness. TriMetrix DNA combines behaviors, motivators, and competencies together in 
a validated, bias-free, and fully integrated assessment that we can then use to develop and enhance self-awareness in leaders, highlight their strengths and uncover potential pitfalls. The result benefits not only the leaders but the people and teams they lead.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Highlighted personal strengths
  • Learned potential pitfalls

Cultivate Leaders

Building Better Sales Teams

One on one coaching can be the differentiator between a good and great sales team. We utilize TriMetrix DNA in tandem with other assessment tools to identify the sales person’s natural selling style, help them understand the style of various buyers, and teach tips on people reading and ways to flex their selling style accordingly. The result is more confident salespeople, better customer relationships, and increased sales.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Identified natural selling style
  • Understood the styles of various buyers
  • Gained tips on people reading and ways to flex selling style

Build Better Sales Teams 

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