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Understanding SLII

Research shows that people need different levels of direction and support to perform at their best. A situational approach to leadership means everyone receives the type of direction and support they need from their leader. As an authorized channel partner of the Ken Blanchard Company, Cooper Consulting Group can deliver SLII® to help empower leaders with the right tools.

What is SLII?

Situational leadership II (SLII®) is the most widely used leadership training program in the world. It takes a situational approach to leadership in order to create successful connections that have a greater impact. With this approach, teams are more productive and engaged, and their organizations excel.

Who’s SLII for?

SLII is for individual managers and leaders who want to lead more effectively, as well as teams and organizations that want to develop inspiring leaders. The SLII suite of programs helps at all levels of an organization. 

What does SLII measure?

The SLII experience focuses on teaching leaders how to interpret and respond to their environment. At the interpretation phase, managers diagnose the individual and the situation. Then, in the response phase, managers use the appropriate “directive” and “supporting” behaviors to help that person succeed.


What are the benefits of SLII?

The SLII approach effectively drives behavior change and accelerates employee development, in addition to developing leaders who excel at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluating, active listening, and proactive problem solving. The result is more dedicated leaders, more productive and engaged teams, and more successful organizations.

The Importance Of SLII

Developing Effective Leaders

Develop individuals who excel in every area of leadership, from goal setting and performance evaluation, to active listening and proactive problem solving.

Creating Agile Leaders

Leaders will get the tools they need to lead situationally. This includes the language to use, tactics for problem-solving, and strategies to help diagnose the true needs of an individual or a team.

The Importance Of SLII Defined

Developing Effective Leaders

Good relationships between leaders and their teams improve efficiency, communication, work satisfaction, employee retention, and more. We use the situational leadership methodology to establish these positive working relationships and create a shared language of leadership within organizations. In our workshop, we develop more effective leaders who know how to actively listen to their team members, properly identify their needs, and coach them appropriately, and who ultimately lead with the team in mind.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Systems to track performance and partnering
  • Reduced employee turnover and absenteeism
  • Increased “star employee” retention
  • Improved individual and organizational development
  • Improved job satisfaction and morale at all levels

Develop Inspiring and Effective Leaders

Creating Agile Leaders

Adaptability is a key component of successful leadership, but how do leaders learn to adapt their leadership style? As an authorized channel partner of the Ken Blanchard Company, we deliver SLII to provide leaders with the tools they need to be more agile and address the individual needs of team members. The innovative learning experience engages learners quickly, offers extensive opportunities to build and practice skills, and provides follow-up support for deploying those skills with existing teams

Participant Takeaways:

  • An engaging learning experience they’ll remember
  • Ability to identify team needs and adapt to them
  • Understanding of how to effectively drive behavior change
  • Greater connections between leaders and teams
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale

Equip Leaders with the Tools They Need

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