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Leadership Practices Inventory

Understanding LPI

A better organization starts with better leaders, and effective leadership is not an innate skill given to a select few. Rather it is a set of observable behaviors that, with deliberate practice, can help everyone be more effective and make more of a positive difference in the workplace, community, and world. Cooper Consulting Group helps individuals to use the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) as a first step to reaching their personal leadership best, clearly demonstrating that leadership is a practice that can be taught and learned by anyone.

What is LPI?

LPI paves a clear path to leadership. It was developed by leadership experts, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, who, after decades of ongoing research, found extensive evidence of five clearly-defined practices all leaders follow. With LPI, anyone can learn to apply the acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model to real-life challenges and opportunities and become an effective leader.

Who’s LPI for?

Anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader will benefit from LPI. The comprehensive suite of LPI tools includes leadership assessment instruments for both working adults and students with little or no work experience. No matter where leaders are along their leadership development journey, LPI Certified Coaches can help develop, nurture and empower them.

What does LPI measure?

LPI measures leadership competencies and reveals deep insight into how participants see themselves as leaders, and how others view them. The tools then enable individuals and organizations to act on these discoveries and apply the proven principles of Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to improve their effectiveness. 

What are the benefits of LPI?

LPI raises awareness around the frequency of leadership behavior, opens new avenues for discussion with coaches, facilitators or managers, helps explore and identify individual strengths and opportunities. LPI provides a robust framework for feedback and goal setting, and ultimately creates and develops exemplary leaders. 

The Importance of LPI Defined

Uncovering Leadership Potential

The behaviors that make great leaders can be both observed and learned. With practice, everyone can exhibit these behaviors to be more effective and make more of a positive difference in the workplace. This is why we have developed a workshop that will help individuals learn and apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model outlined in LPI. After participants discover their leadership competencies, we will coach them to improve their effectiveness and reach their personal leadership best.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Identified personal strengths and opportunities
  • Encouraged conversation around leadership potential
  • Developed exemplary leadership behaviors

Uncover the Potential of Your Leadership

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