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Cultural Intelligence

Understanding Cultural Intelligence

The key to a successful organization is understanding and developing a strong, inclusive culture. By making inclusion a part of core company values, organizations can create a safe space that will bring team members together and transform company culture. Through Cultural Intelligence (CQ), individuals, teams, and organizations will better understand how each relates, adapts, and works in culturally diverse situations.

What is Cultural Intelligence?

CQ is best described as working and relating effectively with people from different backgrounds. The culturally intelligent person understands domestic diversity and is able to work effectively with peers, colleagues, and customers from different generations, ethnicities, functions, organizations, regions, and more. The first step toward developing CQ is measuring cultural values and potential bias through the Cultural Values Profile.

Who’s Cultural Intelligence for?

CQ and the Cultural Values Profile are for individuals, teams and organizations seeking to manage bias across small and large businesses and work more effectively with peers, colleagues, and customers.

What does Cultural Intelligence measure?

CQ explores triggers that activate an individual’s biased thoughts. Through a variety of interactive activities, reflection prompts, and short video vignettes, participants can explore personal biases and share strategies to prevent the application of these biases. Participants will be encouraged to commit to taking continued action to build individual and organizational resilience to bias.

What are the benefits of Cultural Intelligence?

Individuals and organizations will learn to embrace different cultures and viewpoints, driving innovation, and improving decision making. These improvements lead to increases in staff productivity and retention, oftentimes ushering in higher profitability.

The Importance Of Cultural Intelligence Defined

Building Inclusivity in the Workplace

We know diversity makes for stronger organizations. When companies embrace and value employees of different backgrounds in the workplace, they reap the rewards of creativity and innovation, a strong company culture, improved employee performance, and more. Diversity isn’t the same as inclusivity, though.

Inclusivity is the next step to successfully supporting a diverse workforce. It’s about creating an environment that welcomes and includes each employee. Through our Cultural Intelligence workshop, your organization can experience the benefits of managing bias and creating inclusion, becoming a stronger workplace, inclusive of diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Understanding and managing unconscious bias when collaborating with others
  • Increasing motivation to reduce the impact of unconscious bias
  • Working effectively with diverse teams and project groups
  • Creating inclusive environments that encourage active participation
  • Understand and manage unconscious when collaborating with others

Develop A More Inclusive Workplace

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