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California Psychological Inventory™

Understanding CPI™

To develop as a successful leader, it’s important to view yourself as others view you. The California Psychological Inventory (CPI™) instrument provides the necessary unbiased feedback to grow as a leader, improve performance, and coach high potential. Upon completing the CPI 260® assessment, you’ll gain uncanny insights into individual leadership styles, strengths, and challenges. This is all a part of a comprehensive feedback report that also delivers suggestions for the best next steps in ones’ leadership development and journey.

What is CPI?

The CPI instrument is a powerful assessment tool to both identify and develop leaders. It uses a quantitative method to uncover how others view a leader based on their own individual responses and compares results to responses from a large number of experienced and successful executives who are considered “on track” for continued success and advancement. 

Who’s CPI for?

The CPI assessment is an excellent tool for anyone in a position of leadership, as well as aspiring leaders and organizations. Individually, it can be used to identify strengths and areas in need of improvement. At an organizational level, it can be used for leadership development, one-on-one and group coaching, and talent selection.

What does CPI measure?

CPI measures 29 personality attributes commonly used to describe people that are then used to give participants a clear picture of how those who know them well would describe them. In doing so, the instrument reveals a person’s life and work styles and provides a measure of his or her degree of development and maturity compared to successful leaders.

What are the benefits of CPI?

Results from the CPI assessment tools can be used to enhance motivation, communication, performance, and thus effectiveness as a leader. A recent survey found that 66% of organizations improved individuals’ leadership effectiveness using the CPI 260® assessment. It can also help organizations identify talent, build leaders, and help individuals reach their full potential.

The Importance Of CPI

Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

Identify and develop the strengths of your organization’s current and future leaders with CPI. 

Personalizing Executive Development

Build upon the CPI Assessment results and provide executives with the coaching they deserve to maximize their potential and impact. 

The Importance Of CPI Defined

Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

Ensure your leaders are on the right track and equip them with tools for continued success and advancement. Using the CPI Assessment, we will uncover the individual leadership styles, strengths, and challenges of participants by assessing how these individuals orient themselves toward others, toward societal values, and toward themselves. In doing so, we can strengthen areas in need of improvement for current leaders and find and develop high-performance people for the future leaders of your organization.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Discovered individual leadership and thinking styles
  • Highlighted potential leadership talent
  • Strengthened leadership pipeline
  • Improved leadership effectiveness

Cultivate Leadership

Personalizing Executive Development

How do you provide executives with the unbiased feedback necessary for their growth? The CPI instrument is a powerful tool that describes how people manage themselves and deal with others, as well as their motivations and thinking styles and provides leaders with this feedback to help them grow and improve their performance.

Through one-on-one or group coaching sessions, we utilize the tool and offer an in-depth explanation of the feedback report to create developmental plans that empower executives to reach their full potential.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Gained insight into how others view them as a leader
  • Developed a plan for continued success
  • Enhanced communication and effectiveness as a leader

Coach Impactful Executives 

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