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Unlock the Secrets of Stellar Communication & Teamwork with Cooper Consulting Group. Dive deep into learning the world of effective communication and team building with our renowned DISC workshops.

At Cooper Consulting Group, we’re not just about insights – we’re about elevating your team’s collaboration to unprecedented levels by understanding and leveraging individual DISC personality styles for better communication and teamwork through the DiSC model.

This workshop also focuses on personal development, helping individuals learn about their own personality and its impact on life and work.

Did you know? 86% of employees, leaders, and executives point to a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication between teams as a major workplace challenge. We’re here to change that.

Customization at its Best! Your needs are unique, and so should your training. Whether you’re looking for personalized insights and a tailor-made experience or prefer our tried-and-tested “off-the-shelf” modules, we’ve got you covered. From swift 90-minute bursts of knowledge to immersive two-day workshops, we ensure the DISC training program is a perfect fit for every organization.

Preparation Meets Insight: Every journey begins with a step. For us trainers, it’s the DISC assessment. New to DISC? No worries! We don’t expect everyone to be an expert from day one. Our workshop is your all-inclusive passport to understanding the diverse DISC profiles and the nuances of their personality types.

Time Flies When You’re Engaged. Whether it’s a half-day or a full-day, one thing’s for sure—your two team members will be craving more of such an enlightening learning experience!

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The outcomes vary based on the length of the workshop. However, based on a three-hour session, participants will explore the four main DISC domains and learn the common language of DISC personality style. Participants engaging in small group discussions will explore similarities and differences among the DISC styles found on the DISC assessment.

Team members will learn how to work effectively together and communicate better. Participants will glean insights into what might be challenging when working with other styles. Most importantly, participants will be able to create strategies to practice how to build more effective relationships during the session. Additionally, our workshops provide an Everything DiSC solution tailored to the unique needs of participants and organizations. One of the key outcomes of the workshop is the development of effective communication strategies.

DISC Workshops

Overview of the DISC Personality Assessment

The Everything DiSC® Workplace profile is 23 pages chock full of valuable information to help the assessment taker gain greater self-awareness, which is crucial for fostering productive team dynamics, over-awareness strategies, and insights into how participants learn how to work with other styles of learners.

The profile is divided into three main sections: 1**) How You Work, 2) Understand Your Relationships, and 3) Build Better Relationships.**

A Personalized Style Index shows a breakdown of the 12 DISC styles. The index shows the goals, overuses, and fears of each of the 12 styles (DC, D, Di, iD, i, iS, Si, S, SC, CS, C, and CD). A short summary of disc style includes what each style is influenced by, DISC styles affect others, how they act under pressure, and how each style could increase its effectiveness.

What is the DISC Style Model?

People have been fascinated by the DiSC and disc training theory’s foundations and teachings for many years, with some of the most accurate and profound research dating back as far as 444. B.C. Our founder, Dr. Cooper, did her doctorate on DISC, where she conducted online that covered the original disc assessment and modern disc training activities.

So, what are the 4 four basic behavioral styles?

The DiSC Assessment groups personality styles into four main quadrants: (D) Dominance; (i) Influence; (S) Steadiness; and (C) Conscientiousness. The name of the model stands for these personality styles. However, there are 12 styles; D, Di, iD, i, iS, Si, S, SC, CS, C, CD, and DC.

DISC has helped many people gain deeper level of self-awareness and build better, deeper relationships, by understanding themselves and those around them. Yet of course, this only comes with understanding each individual person’s unique personality.

Recent case studies on DISC personality and behavior styles show there is still a lot to know about the styles and interpersonal relationships.

The DISC personality assessment is one of the most popular tools for any organization, and it is a proven method of improving workplace communication and job satisfaction. These workshops are designed to be interactive and fun, including ice-breakers and an in-depth explanation of each personality report. After the workshop, participants can continue the discussion using a follow-up email program. This process will help participants understand their own communication preferences in different work environments and improve communication themselves.

As a behavioral assessment tool, the DISC assessment has been a cornerstone in business for over 30 years, focusing on leadership development and talent development, partly based on the influential work of John C. Maxwell.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the DISC assessment. Afterward, people are given a 30-page report that explains each personality type. After they complete the DISC workshop, participants can compare their own communication and other leadership skills and styles to those of other participants and their colleagues. Afterward, they can take an assessment of a former team leader or member and match up future recruits.

DiSC training helps people understand their colleagues and improve their effective communication with the person around them. It also helps them learn the skills to deal with conflict better and to effectively communicate more effectively with other teams of people with different personalities.

Organizations with large divisions will find it useful for teamwork training, recruiting training**, management training, and teamwork.** DISC training can be helpful in any setting, including the workplace. You should consider attending a workshop if you are in the workplace and have a diverse team. It is a great and engaging way to learn about different personalities and improve teamwork.

In a DiSC workshop, participants undergo a comprehensive learning experience designed to enhance self-awareness and interpersonal skills. The workshop typically begins with an introduction to the DiSC model, which stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Participants then complete the DiSC assessment, a behavioral inventory, to identify their own DiSC profile. The results are discussed in a group setting, and various exercises are conducted to help individuals understand how to adapt their behavior to work more effectively with others. The workshop often includes role-playing, group discussions, and practical exercises to solidify understanding and application of the DiSC principles.

The cost of a DiSC assessment can vary depending on several factors, including the provider, the complexity of the assessment, and any additional materials or services included, such as workshops or coaching sessions. Prices can range from $50 to $200 per individual assessment. Volume discounts may be available for organizations administering the assessment to multiple employees.

DiSC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. These four dimensions represent the primary behavioral traits that the DiSC model aims to measure. Each letter in the acronym corresponds to a specific behavioral style, and the assessment helps to identify which style or combination of styles best describes an individual.

The "DC" profile, which is a blend of Dominance and Conscientiousness, is often considered the rarest DiSC profile. Individuals with this profile are both task-oriented and assertive, but they also have a strong focus on quality and detail. This unique combination makes them highly effective in roles that require strategic planning and meticulous execution.

Think of your training workshop as an investment. Richard Branson shares his famous quote, “Train people well enough they want to stay.” Your people are your best investment, and our expert and certified facilitators team will help ensure the training workshop's success. We will craft a proposal that will best meet your needs.

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Every workshop we deliver begins with your goals in mind. Our clients have seen improved performance, greater employee retention, more effective leaders and teams, reduced conflict and stress, and a more positive company culture as a result of our customized workshops.

Our team of professional facilitators is experienced in delivering highly interactive, engaging, and enjoyable experiences. We expertly navigate group dynamics and facilitate conversations that lead to powerful a-ha moments.  

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