How to motivate employees at work
How to motivate employees at work

Cultivate Cultural Awareness

When companies embrace and value diversity, they reap the rewards of creativity and innovation, a strong company culture, improved employee performance, and more. Diversity isn’t the same as inclusivity, though. Inclusivity is about creating an environment that welcomes and includes each employee. 

There are many factors to consider when implementing intercultural awareness solutions in the workplace. Race or religion could be factored into multicultural teams. Cultural differences can be embraced in a positive way with intercultural training.

With the help of the Cooper Consulting Group team, you can take the next step in successfully supporting a diverse workforce. We will equip your people to effectively manage bias and create inclusion to become a more culturally aware and, thus, stronger organization.

Building Inclusivity in the Workplace

In order to cultivate a stronger workplace inclusive of diverse backgrounds and personalities, managing bias is essential. This workshop employs Cultural Intelligence to help build individual and organizational resilience to bias. Participants will learn how to manage bias by identifying triggers that activate biased thoughts and developing strategies to prevent bias application. 

Workshop Objective:

This workshop aims to increase motivation to reduce unconscious bias’s impact, learn about the benefits of managing bias and creating inclusion, and explore the four domains of cultural intelligence.

Who is it for:

This workshop is ideal for individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to become more culturally intelligent and manage bias across small and large businesses.

How does it work:

Participants will complete the Cultural Values Profile and/or the CQ Pro Feedback Report before attending the workshop. During the workshop, we will engage in multiple modules ranging from unpacking unconscious bias and applying CQ to bias to personal development planning.


Individuals and organizations will better embrace different cultures and viewpoints, driving innovation and improving decision making. These improvements can lead to increased staff productivity and retention, often ushering in higher profitability.


We use the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework, which includes the Cultural Values Profile and the CQ Pro Feedback Report to identify and address bias.

Program Structure:

Programs are customized to meet each organization’s needs. Each program features 6-7 specified modules and ranges from 90-minutes to 6.5 hours.


  • Each participant will come to the workshop with one unconscious bias problem or challenge their organization is facing today.
  • Participants will fill out a Cultural Identity PDF

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